Share Your Story

Moving Traditions is collecting information about how American Jewish life changes over time. We are tracing the introduction and evolution of the bat mitzvah ceremony because it was such an important change in Jewish life, and because it illustrates how change gets made.

Please share the story of your first if you think you had the first bat mitzvah ceremony or a first bat mitzvah experience in your synagogue/community — whether on a Friday night, Saturday morning, or any other day of the week, either alone or as part of a group.

Women who participated in this Jewish ritual as a “first” now range in age from their teens to their 90s, and we want to collect information for posterity. We’re interested both in finding unrecorded change makers and understanding how change becomes normative in Judaism.

We appreciate your time in completing the survey. Thank you for sharing your information. With your permission, we will make your answers available to the public and to historians in the future.

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